Staying at the Rosa Dalfonsina B&B means entering into direct contact with the territory and its historical and cultural roots. Because … Abruzzo is not a region, but a way of being!

#1 - Learn to take care of a functional vegetable garden

Taking care of the a garden is like taking care of ourselves, it requires dedication, commitment and also lots of love. The functional garden of Rosa Dalfonsina is available to guests who want to get involved and who want to touch by hand the bio food and also to enjoy a food experience from the garden to the table.

#2 - Take part in the next harvest

Join the usual grape harvest in the sunny Villalfonsina countryside. You will know a long tradition that gives us genuine and full-bodied wines, highly representative of our beloved region. You will be part of a long and rewarding process that aggregates the whole community at a time of celebration.

#3 - Learn how to prepare organic jams

Organic fruit jams are ideal for those who are looking for a healthy and tasty food for the whole family.

Learn how to cook them here and take your new baggage to the city! You can prepare them for the whole year and still continue to remember the genuine and satisfying summer experience between the Teatine campaigns.

#4 - Historic walk with cave visit

Italy hides a piece of history in every corner and Villalfonsina is not far behind. A few kilometers from the RosaDalfonsina B&B there is a cave that was a refuge for civilians and soldiers during the Second World War, today a fascinating place to visit to remember our recent history. Walk through the countryside and discover a symbolic place of the last century.

#5 - Learn how to prepare original Tarallucci

It is difficult to match the mastery of the housewives of Abruzzo, but you too can learn to prepare the excellent tarallucci with grape must, one of the most popular and appreciated desserts of the area.

You will learn how to roll out a very thin and fragrant pastry and to cook some excellent organic jam with cocoa and almonds. Are you ready to get involved?

#6 - Walk through the medicinal herbs

The medicinal herbs not only give shape and color to the territory, but are also very useful for our well-being and our health.

The heirs of Rosa have been active in the herbal-pharmaceutical sector for more than 20 years. They will guide you on these walks through the beauty of nature and new awareness.


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