Terms and Condition


Booking through portals such as Booking and Airbnb will be based on the terms and conditions of the respective sites.

For direct bookings (via site, email, whatsapp or telephone) the following terms and conditions apply.

we trust you

By contacting and booking the Rosa Dalfonsina B&B directly, there is no cancellation fee if you write us within 14 days from your Check-In Arrival.

We do not ask you anything but warning us in time if you can not come and visit us!


Check-in: rooms are available from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm; *

* In case of delays we can make an exception to the rule: let us know in advance.

Check-out: we ask our guests to leave the rooms by 10.30 am in order to make them available to the following guests in the conditions of maximum cleanliness and hospitality.


Cash: directly on site without deposit.


The life at Rosa Dalfonsina follows natural and ritual rhythms to which our guests are invited to take part: we could improvise lunches and dinners with the fruits of the organic garden, we organize walks to discover the surrounding area and its flora, children they can get to know the animals of the farm closely and many others can be the occasions for meeting, knowledge and exchange among all the people whose path crosses the B & B Rosa Dalfonsina.

The possibility of using one’s own mini-apartment or the numerous common areas makes the coexistence between the guests harmonious and spontaneously genuine. The peace that is breathed by Rosa Dalfonsina is due to the natural respect for people, the environment and the animals that surround the structure. We therefore invite our guests to let go to the natural rhythm and enjoy the relaxation that only a holiday in our B&B is able to give.


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